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Stephen King’s ‘Rabia’ costs 100 euros

By ki0nk Jul6,2024

Stephen King possesses an ominous volume. This is not a possessive book, and it is not even clothed in human flesh. Reality swept over the book he authored in 1977, and it vanished from bookstore shelves, never to be seen again. The end product is an incredibly valuable item that I happened to stumble upon. ‘Rabia’ is the protagonist of this story.

A book that possesses several personalities. Although King wrote “Rage” in 1977, he signed it as Richard Bachman. He utilized this pen name for a while to keep writing books at his customary rate—nearly one per year. ‘Rage,’ ‘The Long Walk,’ ‘The Hunted,’ ‘The Curse of the Highway,’ and ‘The Hex’ were published by King prior to 1985, when he came clean about his identity following a fan’s discovery. Following his public disclosure as a writer, King has released two additional works under the alias “Blaze” and “Possession” as “found material” from Bachman.

On the forehead, you’ll find the first one. King wanted to reveal a darker and more sinister side of himself in the first Bachman book, “Rage,” and he also wanted to see if his success was due to talent or luck. Originally titled “Getting In On,” his frank and violent non-fantasy novel “Rage” accomplished just that.

Tell me about “Rabia.” After receiving a scolding from the school principal for attacking a teacher, Charlie, our protagonist and a troubled high school student, promptly retrieves a revolver from his locker. After that, he starts a violent spiral in which he murders the teacher and traps the rest of the class in the classroom for hours, during which the erratic Charlie gives them no reason to hope.

Reach for the stars. One major flaw with this work of fiction is that a string of killings occurred following its publication that inexplicably echoed the events depicted in Rage. Several incidents involving student hostage-taking have occurred in the past. In San Gabriel (1988), one student claimed to have been inspired by King’s book. In McKee (1989), another student held his class for nine hours. In Rapid City (1991), a similar incident occurred, although no one was killed. In Grayson (1993), a boy shot his teacher and held his class hostage after receiving a low grade for an essay on King’s book.A king loses his cool.

Lastly, three of a boy’s West Paducah classmates were murdered in December 1997. In his high school locker, he kept a Bachman compilation volume that contained Rage; this was the last straw, and King vowed he would “let the book die,” meaning it would not be reprinted after it went out of print. The Backman Books omnibus reprints in the future will likewise omit it. However, King would come to admit, “I am aware of the impact that certain cultural products can have on impressionable people, especially troubled youth.” This statement belies his earlier opposition to censorship.

An heirloom volume. Obviously, the book’s worth increased really quickly. This original edition signed by King costs more than 14,000 euros, yet a cursory examination reveals its current value. Approximately six grand is required for the first edition (which, by the way, has a stunning cover). Prices range from 60 to 120 euros for the Spanish editions (there have been just two so far: the original by Martínez Roca and a subsequent one, the one I possess, by RBA, along with a couple of subsequent pocket editions).

If I’ve ever been fortunate, it was this. Were those the exact costs? Almost certainly not; I was fortunate enough to score it for five euros on Wallapop from a vendor who obviously had no idea what he was doing. Due to the massive print runs and low quality of the editions, used Stephen King books can be purchased for as little as 5 to 10 euros. Unfortunately, this vendor didn’t bother to check before settling on a pricing. This modest supporter can celebrate a minor triumph, but it won’t be enough to lift me out of poverty. Thus, the process continues.

I bet you didn’t realize there are more than 130 short stories written by Stephen King. King’s publishing career is noteworthy in and of itself, but his short story output may be even more impressive. He began penning short stories in 1967 with “The Glass Floor” and proceeded to crank out a steady stream of stories thereafter, all in an effort to support his family.

If you’re interested in King’s horror but are short on reading time, this is perfect for you. From Night Shift (1978) to The Bazaar of Bad Dreams (2015), this list will take you through all of Stephen King’s short story collections. I dare you to read on.–668916c3a2cd9#goto9131

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