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‘Del Revés 2’ revitalizes taquilla and ‘Barbie’

By ki0nk Jul5,2024

The película of Pixar has been certified as one of the three most successful films of 2024, with a total of 155 million dollars in its first week of release.

Almost completely surpassed the expectations. As a result,’Del revés 2′ has been a success, and it is anticipated that it would bring in a sum of money ranging from eighty to ninety million dollars. He has gone far further than that: 155 million dollars in his first week of business, leaving behind a significant amount of money for two bombazos of taquilla such as “Dune: Part 2” (or 82.5 million dollars) and “Godzilla and Kong” (or 80 million dollars). Do you have any good news regarding the taquilla or the aislado phenomenon?

It is the number of mares. Not only do these 155 million dollars put her in the category of the undeniable greatest success of 2024, but they also make it possible to compare it to the most recent major phenomenon in the world of taquilla, which was ‘Barbie’, which made 162 million dollars in revenue in the year that just passed. To put it another way, not only do these 155 million people have the ability to witness the success of Warner, but they also have the ability to transform ‘Del revés 2’ into the first film ever made, surpassing the 100 million mark in its first week of release.

Also, outside of the United States of America. Ahí, the triumph of ‘Del revés 2’ reaches its conclusion. Pixar’s film has reached a total of 295 million dollars in the international market, surpassing the previous total of 140 million dollars from the previous year. Numbers that are comparable to the one mentioned in the phrase “Barbie,” which also occurred a little bit behind and amounted to 335 million dollars. ‘

Del revés 2′ surpasses ‘Frozen 2’ and the 135 million dollars that it made on its day to become the most successful animated film in the history of the world. ‘Vengadores: Endgame‘ is just behind it as the second best debut of all time in Latin America, making it the second best debut of all time.

A breath of fresh air for the movies. Siendo una buenísima noticia para Disney y Pixar, quienes realmente deben estar experimentando cierto alivio son los cines, que llevaban una racha de pinchazos semi-inesperados en taquilla que hacían prever un verano de salas vacías (pese a que la cuarta parte de ‘Bad Boys’ levantó los ánimos hace un par de semanas). ‘Furiosa’, ‘Garfield’, and ‘El especialista’ did not acquire the taquilla that they had anticipated, which was a combination of other disappointments that occurred during the first half of the year, such as ‘Madame Web’ and the very slight pinchoff of ‘Cazafantasmas: Imperio helado’. La caída de la asistencia entre 2019 y 2022, which continues to be prolonged, the high prices of the entrances, the agotamiento of certain formulas, the competition from streaming services, and the effects of the huelgas from the previous year are some of the possible reasons that have been managed.

This is a breath of fresh air for Disney. According to what we had discussed when discussing the projections for “Del revés 2,” Disney had a significant amount of faith in the most recent film produced by Pixar. In spite of the unanticipated success of “Elemental,” the company is currently experiencing a period of stagnation, during which it is only able to release three significant films: “Deadpool and Lobezno,” which is the only film that has been canceled by Marvel Studios, and “Moana 2” in November, which is the Disney animation studio’s representation. It is anticipated that the three are huge successes in the field of taquilla, and without a doubt, they will transform the image and the perceptions of a company that has almost paralized Marvel and Star Wars in order to relaunch the cinturón and usher in a new phase of “less quantity, more quality.”

“Pixar was not dead at the time.” Despite the fact that she was in a state of parranda, she had had a certain amount of apprehension for a number of years. otra racha de películas que habían pinchado under taquilla después de la decisión de Disney de estrenarlas directamente en Disney+: “Soul,” “Luca,” and “Red” culminado durante el mes pasado, el estudio despedía a 175 people (después de 75 personas in otra tanda prior de despidos), culminating in a racha of films that had been released under taquilla. El éxito of ‘Elemental’ and las buenas perspectivas que hay para el futuro, avec películas basadas on franquicias, such as ‘Toy Story,’ abren la puerta a nuevas alegrías, in spite of the fact that Pixar and Disney have generated a substantial amount of tension between them.


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