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Trump’s New York sentence delayed until mid-September.

By ki0nk Jul3,2024

The announcement of Donald Trump’s punishment in his criminal prosecution for disguised payments has been delayed by the judge until September 18, one day following the US Supreme Court’s ruling to prolong the former US president’s immunity.

The first tangible result of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday to prolong the former president’s immunity is the postponement of the nine-day-old sentencing in Donald Trump’s criminal trial for making covert payments to a porn star until September 18.

In a ruling released on Tuesday, New York Magistrate Juan Merchan said that “the July 11 sentencing date is therefore vacated” and “adjourned to September 18 if still necessary,” which is roughly six weeks before the date of the November 5, 2024, U.S. presidential election.

This ruling significantly reduces the White House candidate’s upcoming court schedule, as the sentence was originally scheduled to be handed down four days prior to Donald Trump’s official inauguration as the nominee for president on July 15–18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Judge Merchan, who oversaw the trial of Donald Trump in April and May, made his choice just hours after the Manhattan prosecutor’s office indicated that a postponement was possible.

In a letter to the judge on Monday, Donald Trump’s attorneys requested the historic verdict—which found the former US president guilty of 34 counts of falsifying accounting records to conceal the $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels at the close of the 2016 presidential campaign—to be overturned, just hours after the Supreme Court’s decision.

Four years in jail, theoretically

Certain events under investigation in this trial occurred while Donald Trump was running for president, therefore they were not shielded by any potential immunity.

Notably, Michael Cohen, the former lawyer and confidant of Donald Trump, had given the actress the money at the very end of the 2016 election cycle. However, Donald Trump is facing charges for manipulating the financial records of his businesses when he reimbursed Michael Cohen in 2017, while he was still the White House President.

The Republican billionaire’s attorneys contend in a preliminary document for their appeal that was made public on Tuesday that “during the trial and closing arguments, the prosecution placed a prejudicial emphasis on evidence derived from official acts, such as testimony about events that occurred in the Oval Office… social media posts (on Donald Trump’s accounts as president) and phone records involving Donald Trump while he was in office in 2017.”

Donald Trump could spend up to four years in prison as the first former US president to be found guilty of a crime by a jury. However, Judge Juan Merchan has the option to give a penalty that does not include incarceration, such a suspended sentence. Whatever the situation, the Republican nominee has the right to appeal, which would probably lead to the sentence being suspended prior to November 5th, the presidential election.—Testbericht-zur-Lin/10696260–testbericht-zur-linderung-von-gelenkschmerzen-bei-germany-und-austria


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