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US: Trump suspends his campaign as an April Fool’s joke.

By ki0nk Apr3,2024

As a result of the election that took place at the end of the year, the former President of the United States, who is hoping to return to the White House, must have caused his followers to feel apprehensive.

“I am suspending my campaign,” the United States of America announced. “This is the subject of the message that the millions of email and SMS subscribers from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign received this Monday, April 1st, seven months before a presidential election that should most likely consist of a new duel against Joe Biden,” which is the subject of the message. However, it turned out to be a hoax with an April Fool’s Day theme.

Consequently, the former occupant of the White House eliminates any and all suspense by opening the email, as you can see in the following image. The phrase “Just kidding, April Fools” is written in all capital letters and highlighted in yellow across the screen. I promise that I will never give up on the American people and that I will never stop fighting for them! It is not acceptable for us to take a passive stance and watch as this scoundrel Joe Biden continues to undermine our beloved country.

In what follows, a lengthy reminder of the “assessment” that Donald Trump attributes to the person who would succeed him in the White House, namely, borders that would be wide open to immigration, crimes and misdemeanors that would jump or even record inflation, and politicized judges who are determined to prevent the man in the red cap from competing fairly in the presidential election that will take place in November.

In the first place, the stated purpose of this email that Donald Trump is sending is, as is typically the case, to raise money. “ Put in the pot to save America ”, we can read in a little insert in the colors of the American flag preceding the following words: “ Joe Biden has just raised 25 million euros from the leftist elites of New York City, That’s why I need 100,000 true patriots to each chip in $5 to help me. »

This is a reference to the extraordinary success that Joe Biden had in fundraising last week. He was able to bring together artists and two former presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, in an effort to give his campaign a fresh drive. An occurrence that made it possible for Joe Biden to successfully raise approximately 25 million dollars, placing him in a position of significant advantage over Donald Trump in this little game. A financial edge that his crew takes great pleasure in, as evidenced by the fact that they referred to the millionaire as “Don the broke guy” in an email.

Over the course of several years, voters in the United States have been overwhelmed with text messages, emails, and phone calls (often more than a dozen per day depending on the number and identity of the politicians they follow) encouraging them to make financial contributions to candidates’ campaigns. An operation that is similar to a race to the finish line, which compels the teams of the candidates to be more inventive in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. Donations are incredibly valuable in a society where election victories are gained with billions of money, and the donations that they gather are extremely valuable.

Donald Trump announced on Monday that he would be suspending his campaign for the presidency in 2024. This announcement was made as a joke for April Fool’s Day, and it would be enough to frighten both his detractors and his followers.

An email with the subject line “I’m suspending my campaign…” was sent out to supporters on Monday morning, containing the erroneous message.

A text message that was quite similar to this one also included a web link to a “confidential memo” and read, “From Trump: I’m suspending my campaign.”

Those individuals who clicked through to the email or the memo were automatically presented with the following message: “Happy April Fool’s Day! I will never give up fighting for the great people of the United States. On no account will I ever give up!

Each of the two letters closed with a request for financial support, which Mr. Trump requires in order to remove his opponent, President Joe Biden, from the White House in the upcoming election in November.

During the celebrations that took place on Monday, Mr. Trump was one of the many prominent figures and corporations that participated. These included everybody from Honda to the British television duo Ant and Dec.

Krispy Kreme made the announcement that customers could now come in and glaze whatever object they liked; Dulux, a paint manufacturer, introduced a new line of “scratch and sniff” colors; and DuoLingo asserted that it will debut a bilingual musical on ice.

A ancient theater in London announced the discovery of a Shakespeare play that had been forgotten for centuries, while the New York Times utilized emojis rather than words in their puzzle Connections, which is played by a large number of people.–660b7e905ea9a#goto5742–17649162


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